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Jesus. Fucking. Christ. *faints*

I thought, “Oh, maybe this will be fun, I’ll just enjoy this as something to watch that’ll be it."

No. No. No. I am dead. All of my thoughts at current are in an English accent and being an American I feel as if I’m being disrespectful.

First of all, the cases are all fascinating.

"We can’t giggle at a crime scene." EEEEEEEEEEEEEE. <3

I’m fascinated by the relationship between Sherlock and Mycroft. I don’t quite understand it thought. Is Mycroft some sort of detective as well? Why does Sherlock keep bringing up his diet? To annoy him?

I have seen many fics portraying Sherlock as having an eating disorder. While I don’t think he does in canon, I do think there are a fair amount of canonical details that could make for convincing fanon. Each time we’ve seen Sherlock interact with Mycroft after he hasn’t for awhile, he mentions his diet. He knew exactly how many pounds Molly had gained. He rarely eats and keeps a rather thin appearance. I read in an interview that apparently Benedict Cumberbatch did that to better illustrate the obsessive cognitive nature of his character.

I do wonder about their relationship though. Mycroft claims he really does worry about Sherlock. Is he sincere? Watson seems unsure. And Sherlock seemed as though he felt almost affronted when Mycroft accused Sherlock of giving his mother trouble. It’s curious. Sherlock does seem to exhibit many childish characteristics. Making loud noises and a mess when bored? Literally pouting and turning away from John on the couch? I cannot even. It was adorable.

I really am liking Lestrade. There’s a certain softness about him that I just can’t describe. I hope there are more scenes with him in the future.

MRS. HUDSON OMG. She is soooo adorable. I love her. She is just so cute and pleasant, very motherly and doting over Sherlock. (I read in an interview that this mirrors the real life relationship between the actress who plays Mrs. Hudson, as she is a good friend of Benedict Cumberbatch’s mother, and Benedict Cumberbatch.)

I think that so far I liked the case of “The Blind Banker," because I’m a sucker for codes, even though I cannot solve them myself and, of course, “The Great Game" where we meet Moriarity for the first time.

I feel so bad that Soo died. :( I liked her. She was smart and lovely and seemed rather dedicated to her culture. I wonder if she really would have gone out with that guy had she been able to? (He was socially awkward, but I think he meant well. He did go to check on her.) Even though Watson didn’t want one of the lucky cats, I’ve wanted one for awhile, but considering that they are smuggling goods…I should probably check elsewhere.

So awesome, the code though, the numbering system.

Sherlock grasping John’s head…OMG. ERMAHGERD. SHIPPING. I am shipping so hard that it hurts. John took quite some time to pull away, although I think it was to get his bearings.

Everyone continues to accuse Sherlock and John of being gay. It’s the sort of thing where, I want to say canonically that they aren’t, but…THERE ARE SIGNS MAN, OKAY? THERE ARE.

I think that initially their friendship, relationship, or what have you, began as a matter of convenience for both of them. I’m wondering if perhaps John’s getting roped into Sherlock’s cases are a matter of distraction for him from his haunted war memories, just as much as they are a distraction for Sherlock?

Though for Sherlock, perhaps distraction isn’t quite the right word.

God, when John was held at gunpoint…That scene *shouldn’t* have been as hot as it was. I wonder if he got flashbacks from the war? I’m unsure.

Also, I thought I was going to dislike Sarah, but after seeing the way she beat the crap out of the crime syndicate member who was trying to take out Sherlock, she seems pretty cool. Not to mention the fact that even after that horrible first date with John, she still wanted to get together with him. I think she genuinely trusts and likes John.

(I am totally shipping Johnlock but I get stuck in this hopeless pattern where I ship HETEROSEXUAL LIFE PARTNERS that never work out in canon. *sigh* That’s what fic is for. In canon, if John ends up with Sarah, I don’t think I’d mind.)

I am glad that thus far while there is a large focus on the characters, which I am really liking, there isn’t a huge focus on relationships or romance. Honestly, that’s what really soured me on Season 7 of House. Not just that it was House and Cuddy, a relationship I strongly dislike, but that it became the forefront of the show. I hope that doesn’t happen in Sherlock, but perhaps I am doomed to walk the path of disappointed fan once again. *insert melodramatic music here*

Am I the only one thinking that Moriarty somewhat resembles a sort of deranged Willy Wonka? (Probably.)

I very much like the way that Sherlock was able to quickly deduce both the identity of the dead art gallery security guard and also why he was killed. Brilliant deductions.


I am fascinated by the way that Moriarty plays with Sherlock and does, in a sense, flirt with him, even if it isn’t romantic or sexual. (Or, it might be, depending on your shipping preferences.) Consulting detective and consulting criminal. That is fascinating. I suppose it makes sense, his interest in Sherlock. Jim knows Sherlock is the best, so he doesn’t want to be caught.

(I can see know it was a rather good thing that Sherlock told Molly to end it with him.) I love the way Moriarty tried to fool Sherlock into thinking he was gay, and the way he succeeded. Placing clues here and there.

OMG. THE SCENE WITH JOHN AND SHERLOCK AT THE POOL I CANNOT EXCUSE ME BRB DYING. Okay. OMG. I just…OMG. OMG. So…like…Sherlock’s FUCKING FACE and VOICE when he sees John. It’s one of the few times we’ve seen panic. Jim says that Sherlock’s claim that he doesn’t have a heart isn’t quite true. Right after he has John strapped into some sort of torturous device. And John risking his life to save Sherlock’s. EEEEE. That is what Sherlock meant when he said that what John was good, yeah? I’m pretty sure.

Sherlock’s reaction when ripping off John’s…electric torture device thingy? Whatever that’s called? He asks if John is alright, and then seems rather frantic. And poor John stumbling and falling over. SQUEE. He is so adorable I cannot even. HIS GODDAMN SWEATERS WHAT EVEN. The comment about people talking about him and Sherlock…that comment seemed rather out of place…it was likely to diffuse the tension but still…Not to mention that when John said he was going on a date with Sarah, Sherlock *really* couldn’t understand the difference…and had no idea John wanted to have sex with her. *facepalm*

I am curious as to what Sherlock’s sexuality is. He claims to be married to his work, and that makes sense. He probably views sex and relationships as inconvenient distractions from his work. Though, if he found the other person fascinating enough, male or female, I think he’d go for him or her.

I have heard that in the books, Irene Adler was his only relationship? I’m not sure how it’s portrayed on the show, but I guess I’ll see in Season 2. I’ve only seen clips of her but she seems like an interesting character.

Jim Moriarty is sort of an over-the-top fabulous villain. I’m rather amused by him. Oh the vids that could be made for him…

John’s sexuality appears to be straight. In fact, he has stated so. Although, it is my personal opinion on sexuality that while people do have preferences for males, females, both…finding the right person can skew their preferences. Once again, only my personal opinion.

EFF THIS EPISODE ENDED ON A CLIFFHANGER. And a really really good one too! (Perhaps this is the only good thing about me entering the fandom late. I don’t have to wait as long to see what happens. Although, there is probably a cliffhanger at the end of Season 2 that will have me clawing at the walls.)

I do hope that we get to learn a bit more about John’s past, what haunted him about the war. And Sherlock’s childhood. With the way that Mycroft and Sherlock act…that appears to have dysfunction written all over it. I also hope for more fascinating cases!

(I do enjoy murder mysteries, usually in documentary form, so when Sherlock was excited that he’d found a serial killer, I felt a bit guilty as I find studying them to be fascinating. I’m a psych major and do have an interest in how the minds of criminals work.)

Actually, “A Study In Pink" was interesting to. In a way, I felt bad for the cabbie. He seemed to feel so insignificant. Now, that doesn’t excuse what he did of course. I wonder if Sherlock really did choose the good bottle or the bad bottle? And John is an amazing shot. JESUS CHRIST.

I also think it’s hilarious that police staff reads John’s blog. :D

Moriarty mentioned that the kid that died in the pool made fun of him. Was that the truth, or a ruse?

Anyway, this post is completely all over the place. I am knew to the show, the franchise, the fandom. I hope I have not offended anyone.

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