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Right, so now that my thoughts are more properly gathered…

I did find A Scandal in Belgravia to be interesting, watching Sherlock trying to catch the woman who could beat him.

Irene Adler is a very clever woman, and I especially liked the gun in the safe. I also did like the fact that she was a dominatrix. She is a very sexually liberated woman, able to seduce and pull the secrets from any man. I also liked the cleverness of her passwords, and how Sherlock deduced her feelings for him. Super hot and steamy.

I also liked the fact that she was blatantly lesbian but did end up with feelings toward Sherlock Holmes. That isn’t something I’ve often seen explored.

Also, her scenes with Sherlock were RIDICULOUSLY hot, IMO. The scene where she first meets Holmes, standing naked, when John walks in, I was inwardly shouting “THREESOME!" I was chanting it even harder when I saw the three of them kick the asses of everyone in the room. Just…brilliant. Such an awesome scene.

While I do think that Sherlock is attracted to Adler, I don’t think he’d ever concern himself with a relationship because he feels it would occupy too much of his time and mental resources. He really is a man married to his work. Shipping though, that’s what fic is for. ;)

I did like ending, where he does save her, still knows she’s alive. Very cool scene, once again.


I cannot decide whether I like Molly or whether I find her annoying, but if it’s the latter, it’s likely because I can relate painfully well to the character. AUGH THE CHRISTMAS SCENE WAS SO FUCKING AWKWARD OMG. But I thought the way that Sherlock made up for it was sweet.

The Hounds of Bakersville. Ah, I can only imagine the Johnlock nightmare fic that must have resulted from that. *swoons*

I really really really liked this episode. I was fascinated by the way that Holmes connected the pet rabbit to the case, that he was so intrigued by it in the first place.

I felt so bad for Henry though, even worse when we find out that he was drugged the whole time. Having to deal with that for years, a man whom he thought was his friend killing his father, drugging him. One of the sadder cases thus far, IMO.

I did think it was interesting. Sherlock doubting his senses, for one. And seeing him frightened. The affects of the drugs, I think, likely made both John and him more emotional. Bit cruel of him to drug John, even though it served the greater good.

OMG. The gay couple who owned the vegetarian restaurant. <3. And teasing Watson about Sherlock. I think Watson has just sort of stopped bothering to correct people at this point.

It was also rather cool, a chemical waste facility, finally a trip away from London, John and the morse code…The morse code thingy was awesome. John can read it, of course, and there was a connection of it to the case. Super awesome case. Super sad, super scary, that people who are in power, who can bend the rules, who have such great technology can do that.

I really really fucking loved this episode just like…OMG. And LESTRADDEEEEEEE IN THIS EPISODEEEEEE. EEEEEEEEEEE. Showing up and being a BAMF all Lestrade-like. Yes.

One thing that puzzled me though. Sherlock says he doesn’t have friends, he just has a friend, and he was sort of apologizing to John. What I’m trying to figure out is, is this when Sherlock had the suspicion about the drugs, or was it later, when Sherlock put possibly poisoned sugar into John’s coffee? No idea.

The Reichenbach Fall. My. Fucking. God. I am dead. I am dead and buried. I cannot even. I just…I am not alive right now. I am a ghost because this episode freaking…DAMN. Okay? Just freaking DAMN.

I do not know at all how Martin Freeman does it, but he is absolutely magnificent at appearing legitimately sad and trying not to let his emotions overtake him. MY ORGANS ARE BURSTING WITH TEARS. The way he speaks at the beginning, that he lost…Holmes. AUGGHHH I CAN BARELY TALK ABOUT ITTTTT. AUGGGHHH.

I don’t even know why this episode made me so sad. I know that Sherlock doesn’t die, knew that before even watching the series but DAMN IT JOHN WATSON AND YOUR ADORABLE LITTLE FACE AND I CANNOT YOU ARE KILLING ME.

Moriarty is…does anyone else think that perhaps he could have hired the other reporters, other than Kitty, to have Sherlock in the papers?

I love how much he hates that hat. It amuses me to bits.

Moriarty is a fascinating villain, IMO. He’s cartoonish and wacky and I honestly thought that that would bother me more. But against the backdrop of how serious Sherlock is…It makes Moriarty seem all the more insane. (And offers glorious clips for parody videos but…) Trying to destroy Sherlock’s reputation, making him seem a fraud…AND JOHN DOESN’T BELIEVE IT THE WHOLE TIME EVEN WHEN SHERLOCK TEARFULLY TELLS HIM BEFORE COMMITTING SUICIDE. Well, faking suicide but…John never lost faith and that is just…so incredibly touching.

So, the scene where Sherlock says he needs Molly…I really couldn’t tell if he was being sincere or not. What does everyone else think? It’s hard to tell, since those first few episodes where the more emotional he was…was when he was lying. In The Hounds of Bakersville, it took me awhile to realize that when he was crying he wasn’t…that he was actually being sincere. So I’m…confused. So were the emotions in the scene with Molly legit? They just cut away from that scene…

So, my theory is that Molly helped Sherlock to make it look like he faked his own death. He was wearing some sort of protective gear when he jumped, he released some sort of substance to resemble blood, injested something that would make him appear to have no or a low pulse, and that the people who carried him away are actually part of his homeless underground crowd and were merely dressed as EMTs. I don’t recall seeing an ambulance at all. Perhaps the people who gathered around him were part of the homeless underground, but that’s stretching.

John standing at Sherlock’s grave…the words he spoke…"Just don’t be dead, for me." FEELS. THIS EPISODE NEEDS TO BE NAMED REICHENBACH FEELS OKAY? OKAY. AWESOME. The part with Mrs. Hudson was really sad too. I love her so much. She is my favorite secondary character. She was mumbling about Sherlock’s experiments and how obnoxious she was and then leaves tearfully. My heart just broke. I CANNOT DEAL WITH JOHN WATSON’S EMOTIONS WHY DO THEY HURT SO HARD FUCKING HELL. And I wonder…if John did say those things at Sherlock’s grave…what were the things he didn’t say? Or do I have the timing wrong, and the therapy appointment was before he went to the grave?

And I know I’ve known forever that Sherlock is alive at the end of the episode, but seeing him was just still so fucking gratifying. Especially because they didn’t wait until next season to let us know he was still alive. That sort of made it feel like we were seeing things through Sherlock’s eyes, because only he and we know he’s alive, if that makes sense.

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