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We all know that House/Cameron, House/Cuddy, and House/Wilson dominate the House M.D. fandom shiposphere. But, I'm curious to know...what is your favorite rarepair?

I personally love Cuddy/Stacy. I felt as though "Three Stories" and their interactions in Season 2 revealed a certain closeness and understanding between two professional women who have to deal with a lot of scrutiny for being in the positions they are in. Cuddy reveals her vulnerabilities to Stacy in the incident with Alfredo falling off her roof, telling her that House makes her feel like less of a doctor. Stacy also tells Cuddy that she knows her, that Cuddy would try to pay all of Alfredo's bills and make a mess of a legal case. Stacy goes to Cuddy when she doesn't know what to do about her relationship with House. They show their weaknesses around one another, when normally, they feel the need to appear strong and put-together. (And, on a totally shallow note, both are awesome dressers.) Not to mention the fact that Cuddy was there when Stacy and House's relationship was falling apart. In my headcanon, Stacy cheated on House with Cuddy during the infarction, needing the emotional support. They seem awfully close in "Three Stories." (I do not codone cheating, but it does happen, as evidenced by Wilson, Taub, House, Stacy, Foreman, and every POTW ever and all of the clinic patients and Nurse Brenda and all of the PPTH staff because everybody lies and relationships never work out forever. (Fic-Wise), Wilson's marriages never working due to being in love with his best friend? Cuddy's relationships never working out because she can't forget the sweet perfume and strong support of a certain female lawyer? JUST SAYIN'.)

Despite the fact that it was canon, I still consider House/Dominika to be a rarepair, as there isn't much fic out there for it. He really grew to love Dominika. She was smart, sexy, fun-loving and optimistic where he was cynical. She accepted his faults, accepted him for who he really was at that moment, and unlike so many other people, she never tried to change him. I feel as though she made him feel at ease, made him feel worth something. She didn't idealize him, she was upfront with him, and she grew to love him too. Not to mention a House/Dominika/Wilson threesome would have been totally hot. What I think is nice about their relationship, toward the end, (until House lied about her getting her citizenship), is that House also respected her and she respected him. Her outlook on life differed from his completely, but she was still able to look upon him with fondness at respect.

Wilson/Thirteen. Would it have ever worked out in the long-run? That's...difficult to say. At series end, they are both afflicted with terminal diseases. In "Lockdown," they truly do have some awesome moments. I think that Thirteen really does encourage to pursue his own needs in that episode, to pursue what he wants. I feel as though Wilson feels that people expect him to be his persona, always putting others first, the selfless Boy Wonder Oncologist. I feel that Thirteen is able to see beneath his "nice boy" exterior. I also love that Wilson was the one who tried to get Thirteen to stay working at PPTH. In Season 8, when trying to figure out how to cope with his situation, he goes to Thirteen. He obviously trusts her enough to talk to her, and it's obvious how well she knows him in that conversation. In their relationship, well, in my mind anyway, they could have offered support for one another. Thirteen could bring out Wilson's wild side ala Chase's bachelor party, letting him know that he's okay just the way he is, all of him, and Wilson could offer Thirteen the care, love, and trust that I don't feel as though she gets from most places.
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