Jan. 23rd, 2013

petitecuriosity: (by hotch_fan)
I've really been enjoying all of the discussion from the House fandom lately, however small we are. I have a few fics in mind, and am considering (unofficially) participating in either kink bingo, or some sort of long, forgotten, House M.D. drabble challenge, as I haven't seen any challenges on the House comms lately. Any recommendations? The other day I posted an unecessarily long reexamination of previous House seasons and the way I'd want Season 9 to go if I had control over any of these sorts of things, because I have no life. But it was cathartic at least. I also have another video idea in mind...to add to my list of unfinished videos.

I also checked out the first episode of "The Following" the other night. I thought it was interesting, suspenseful, with interesting twists and turns. I admit, I'm not hooked yet, but I'd like to see a second episode. I also watched "Once Upon a Time," last Sunday, and am feeling similarly toward that show at this point.

Also, if any of you go to see Pygmalion, please tell me in excrutiating detail about it; it is my understanding that Robert Sean Leonard plays a sort of narcissistic character and just...*sigh* I live too far away to go see it.


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