Jun. 30th, 2013

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Which House villian did you dislike more?

Personally, I disliked Tritter more. Vogler was a tyrant, yes, but...Tritter was slimier, somehow. IMO, a donor wanting more control over hospital happenings and staff is more forgiveable than someone who is supposed to uphold laws and ensure they are being followed but instead exploits them for his own gain.

That being said, I think that Vogler had less of an arguable reason to try to get House fired than Tritter did. I think there were similarities in the power plays. Vogler wanted House to listen to his authority, and if House wouldn't, he was out. Tritter's actions...seemed more personal somehow. I mean, I think any sort of anger after what House did to Tritter is justifiable, but I don't believe Tritter's actions really fit what House did to him.

Vogler forced Wilson to resign, but Tritter....he destroyed Wilson's practice from the inside out, it seemed to hurt Wilson a lot more.

Both Tritter and Volger, however, tried to force House's colleagues to turn against him. (That's actually textbook behavior for some adolescent females, but that's beside the point.)

It was rather difficult to see Tritter's motivation beyond revenge. And Vogler's motivation beyond power.

(These are all merely my opinions by the way, and I do not think House was 100% innocent in either case.)

What do you think?


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