Jul. 3rd, 2013

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...So yes, just finished watching, and am currently trying to recover after that because I think I have just been infected with FEELS. My reaction post is here on Tumblr and I will post more, hopefully coherent, thoughts when my heart doesn't feel like it's going to shatter into a million shards of fangirl.
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So...yes, they're brothers.

But...what exactly, is their relationship?

It's confusing. When we first meet Mycroft, he wants to pay off John to keep tabs on Sherlock. But Mycroft claims it's merely because he cares about Sherlock.

Sherlock seems to have a lot of distaste for his brother, Mycroft and Sherlock discuss caring as being disadvantageous, and when John seeks Mycroft's help with regard to Sherlock, Mycroft mentions that there are years of painful history behind them.

Not to mention the fact that when Mycroft said that Sherlock always gave their mother trouble, Sherlock is quick to say that it was actually Mycroft giving their mother trouble.

Not to mention, Mycroft fed Moriarty information about Sherlock...But why? It's just...I am so confused.

Also, Sherlock definitely thinks that Mycroft is intelligent, almost seeming perhaps afraid or intimidated by that fact.

Is Mycroft a protective older brother? Were they two intelligent minds and two determined personalities battling for superiority, with one being basically the entire British government and the other being the world's only consulting detective? Were they competitive? Did they have a falling out?

What is their relationship, for real?


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