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Title: For Now
Fandom: House M.D.
Pairing: Wilson/Amber
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Written for [ profile] mmom.  Post-Season 4. Wilson misses Amber.
Warnings: Canon Character Death, Dark Masturbation, Dark!Wilson
AN: Please bear with me. I don't write this sort of thing too terribly often, but wanted to take on the challenge for [ profile] mmom.

He's barely slept since the funeral. He was given time off of work to grieve, and yet he does not know whether or not he's thankful for that fact.

He hasn't done the laundry since she died. Some part of him still feels as though he's just waiting for her to return home, that she'll just tell him to leave the laundry for tomorrow, so that he can take off her clothes tonight.

He feels absolutely disgusting. He knows that what he's doing is disrespectful, and wrong on multiple levels.

Wilson gasps as he slides the red fabric of Amber's scarf along the length of his cock. It's long enough so that he's able to keep one end between his legs, and the other against his cheek. He can still smell her perfume lingering in the fibers, almost taste her skin against his lips.

He pulls the scarf away before he comes.

His head falls back against the couch as he closes his eyes.

For now, he doesn't think about the depravity of what he's just done.

For now, he doesn't bother with the untouched laundry.

For now, he doesn't think about the fact that his girlfriend is dead.

For now, he curls up on the couch, scarf pressed to his cheek, as he sleeps for the first time in weeks.
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